It began within an hour of Pennsylvania being declared for Obama. Most didn’t even wait for Ohio to be called. First came the finger pointing, and then came the theories. Everyone had an opinion and everyone thought, and they still think, they had a fool proof strategy for putting the Republican Party in a position to win elections once again. Most of these strategies revolve around moving to the left (it is always referred to as the center but it is actually the left. More on that in a moment) on any or all of the following:

  • Amnesty
  • Abortion
  • Evolution
  • Gay Marriage
  • Taxing the rich


According to this mindset, I guess if we would just be pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, anti-creationism and pro-gay marriage, all at the same time, we would never lose another election…ever! We must let go of our antiquated stances on social issues we are told. We must modernize and catch up with science (thanks for that last one Dan Rather). Of course all of this is exactly what we do NOT need to do.

First let us understand something. If you are a conservative Republican you are not on the “far right”. The modern day conservative is pretty much dead center on almost every issue. The reason that the media and others call us “far right” is that they are so terribly far left that from where they are standing, the center probably looks far right. Margaret Thatcher had a great analogy about the times in which she was first elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. She said that the Labor Party would gain power and move both the political and cultural mindset of Great Britain to the left. Then the Conservative party would win the next election and they would hold their ground. Then the Labor Party would win again and move the culture further to the left, and the Conservatives would win and hold their ground. The result was a society that was well to the left of where it had been four election cycles ago. We in the US have been there since 1960 my friends. Therefore there is no extreme right in the United States anymore and there has not been one for some time. Conservatives are either the center or slightly right of center.

Therefore your positions on the issues bulleted above, as well as many others, are in no way extreme. This is the vernacular that the left uses. It is typical liberal or leftist psychological projection, that is, accusing your opponent of what you are in fact guilty of. It is the media, the entertainment industry and the broads on The View that have the extreme views. You are the normal one.

What’s more, your positions on these views are right. Not right as in left versus right but right as in right versus wrong. Your views are…well…truth. A nation really cannot survive if it does not guard its own sovereignty and if it is run by those who would grant largess from the federal treasury to those who are not citizens and who even recruit in Mexico to attract people to things like food stamps. God really is the author of life, not doctors, not Ashley Judd, not mankind in general. And if God has created a life, then we had better think long and hard about our reasoning and justification for ending that life. God really did create the heaven and earth. And no theory, arrived at by a man (Darwin) with a subpar microscope, and who firmly believed that the human cell nucleus was no more complex than a blob of gelatin instead of the magnificently complex structure that we now know it is, is a basis from which to compel me otherwise! I personally don’t care how old the earth is. I would like to have an evolutionary biologist try to explain to me how you can possibly get the level of complex design that we now see in the world around us by random chance.

This leads me to another point. Who do these people think that they are? When they say things, as Dan Rather did last week and as many other so-called intellectuals have over the past weeks, about the Republicans “catching up with science”, on what basis are THEY keeping up with science. Take climate change/global warming for example. There has been no warming for fourteen years. Over 1,000 scientists have dissented from the view of the UN IPCC. The lack of warming with a corresponding increase in CO2 is what we in science refer to as “black swan” type of data. End of discussion. So according to these folks, we should be deliberately wrong on the science so that we can “catch up with science” simply because they proclaim their incorrect theories as science very loudly and with great passion.

Movement to the left on these issues is not a winning strategy for Republicans. So what is? That will be the subject of my next column. Until then, I have a number for you to consider. That number is three million.

Chris Skates is the author of the novel, Going Green: For Some It Has Nothing To Do With The Environment. He has been published in dozens of national magazines and has authored multiple technical articles in his field of Chemistry. You can follow his blog at