Nice move.
Check it out:

Golden-Globe-winning, Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams, made the news Friday by quietly and classily giving up her first-class seat to a soldier on a flight. This stunned me because most actors in Hollywood work their butts off and visit many a casting couch to get a first-class seat tucked away from the cattle in coach. Truth be told, so do a lot of conservative pundits that I’ve had the misfortune to meet in my foray into this field.

Now, granted Miss Amy didn’t sell everything she had to work with lepers in India, but in a day where our troops are crapped on by the VA, slighted by our President and dissed or misrep’ed repeatedly by Hollywood, I found her simple act of respect a beautiful stab in the right direction in our rank day.

Miss Adams was not only classy in giving up her first class seat to one of our warriors, but she also didn’t pimp out her good deed on Instagram with a selfie as some Kardashian stunt to solicit high praise for a staged act. Matter of fact, we wouldn’t even know about what she had done had not ESPN’s Jemele Hill recognized her, watched the seat exchange go down and then tweeted about it.

What Adams did was old school stuff folks. It’s called honor. It’s called respect. It’s called knowing your place in the pecking order of life and through an act of kindness giving those who have afforded us the wherewithal to live in this amazing land a little bit of the luxury their efforts have afforded us.

I’d like to thank Miss Amy for her grace and may God help us to follow her lead.

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