Liberal activist, Michael Moore, has never been known for the accuracy of his public statements, but his latest offering is over the top, even for him.

Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Moore—perhaps sensing an opportunity for relevance—made the statement: “…calm down, white people, and put away your guns.” To illustrate how absurdly contradictory Moore and his fellow leftwing radicals can be at times, he posted a blog calling for stricter gun control laws and then admitted that stricter laws would do no good. Since stricter laws will do no good—at least that part of his blog was accurate—one can only wonder what their purpose would be.

According to Moore, the problem is “who we are as a nation.” Of course who we are as a nation has always been a problem to Moore and his fellow liberals. The things that seem to bother the leftwing film maker most about America include free enterprise (although he has gotten rich practicing it), personal freedom, individual liberty, the military, and all of the other principles and values of our Founders.

In his blog, Moore claimed that “We are a nation whose leaders officially sanction and carry out acts of violence as a means to an often immoral end…” Perhaps someone needs to remind Moore of who is currently in control in Washington, D.C. Our nation’s leader—I use the term loosely—at the moment happens to be Moore’s favorite president, Barack Obama. On the other hand, such a reminder would be a waste of words since Moore—like most liberals—feels no need to be informed by logic, facts, or common sense.

If Moore were interested in the facts rather than just making headlines in the leftwing press, he would know that most incidents of gun violence in America are perpetrated not by whites, but by minorities—primarily blacks—in inner cities. Further, if Moore had bothered to check the facts before making his ridiculous statement about white people and guns he would have found that most gun violence in America is the result of black-on-black crime. According to the CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention the facts concerning gun violence, where it occurs, and who is responsible are:

* Sixty-seven percent of all gun violence in America occurs in the 50 largest cities.

* Seventy-three percent of all firearm homicides that occur in big cities are committed by minority teenagers aged 10 to 19, most of whom are male.

Gun violence in the United States escalated drastically beginning in the late 1980s as a result of the crack cocaine epidemic. Since that time the number of youth homicides committed with guns has remained consistently high.

Moore’s answer to young minority teens killing each other every day in America’s inner cities is to tell white people to “calm down…and put away your guns.” Like the stricter gun-control laws proposed by liberals, Moore’s admonition that white people put away their guns will do nothing to curb gun violence in America. If every white person in America who owns a gun were to put it away, gun violence would be reduced very little. In spite of what Michael Moore and his fellow gun-control liberals think, tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook are the rare exception—not the rule. The rule is that the emergency rooms and morgues of America’s big cities are filled to capacity every week as a result of gun violence, and it is not white people who are doing the killing. So here is a message for you, Michael Moore: Calm down and check your facts.