Is this the description of a responsible citizen? He votes, an educated vote, one cast by someone that actually studies the issues. He doesn’t try to get out of jury duty, knowing it’s his civic responsibility. Some volunteer time that’s beneficial to the community. Well thought of in the community, always willing to lend a neighbor a hand. Would you consider that the description of someone that was a responsible citizen? If you do you are just what the progressive left is counting on. Where does that put you if you where just thinking that the description was someone that did more than you?

Look around you, look at what is going on. Everyday my concerns increase as I see events unfold. To tell you the truth, it scares me. I love my country, and it deeply saddens me to see the degree of corruption that festers in our representatives. I am horrified at the continual efforts inside and outside of our government to undermine our Constitution.

The uproar over the serial number on Trijicon Scope ending with a Bible reference, did not surprise me. For decades the ACLU has endeavored to obliterate “In God We Trust.”

I was surprised by the recent blocking of the Southern Baptist website. Although this blocking of the website was lifted shortly after it had been publicized, it concerns me that it did not occur due to user error, no, but was a deliberate act.

Obama supporter G.E., will no longer lend money to any Gun Manufacturer or Store and that’s not the beginning, but just the latest in a long list of manipulations by the Leftists.

President Obama’s actions and words have led me to believe that his interpretation of the Second Amendment is a little different than mine. At least his definition of “infringed upon” is different.

That the Department of Homeland Security and the Army labeling Evangelicals, Catholics, and Preppers, as Extremist and Terrorist along with Al Qaeda and Hamas is something that should raise a flag.

Why would they do this? What is to be gained? These actions and many others are not just chance coincidence. No, it is becoming far too apparent that these actions are a concerted effort to further an agenda. The labeling of these groups as terrorist could make it easier to utilize the Patriot Act regarding Christians, Catholics, and Preppers. Thereby giving the ability to disarm, detain, place under surveillance, tap phones all without warrants, you know basic suppression of your Second & Fourth Amendment rights.

Who am I kidding, that would be just to detain you and than potentially suspend all your rights. Of course that is if they even bother detaining you. Lets not forget that everybody agrees that terrorists can be taken out with a drone. I’m sure this is not related to the recent debate in Congress on drone use in the US, no, no, I am sure it just a coincidence, it cant’ be related.
It will be said that this is not what was intended, public safety was the priority in these decisions. And many that say this will truly believe it. Ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under the guise of public safety will only result in the loss of rights for all.

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Benjamin Franklin

Even if the classifying of these groups as potential terrorist groups is not directly intended as a tool for the suppression of the Second Amendment. Once a tool is placed in the box whose is to say how it will be used in the future. If Obama expands the background checks with one of those Executive Orders he likes so much, you don’t think that someone listed as an extremist right wing terrorist by the DHS is going to pass that background check, do you?

We need to wake up, pay attention look at what is occurring right under our noses. It will continue unless we stop it. Until we suddenly look around and see that the choices we are offered amounts to tyranny. All we have to do is look at history. The one thing that has not changed throughout time is human nature. Therefore history is invaluable, and throughout history the suppression of civil liberties, especially the right to bear arms, has always been the prelude to tyranny.
I know I am being paranoid, but just because your paranoid doesn’t mean that somebody isn’t out to get you. What can be done? How did we get this far down the road?

I hate to say it, it’s us, we the people, it’s our fault. We are apathetic, not caring, not caring enough to pay attention, not caring enough to learn the issues, not caring enough to discus the issues openly, not even caring enough to vote. We are just so concerned about ourselves we just won’t take the time. We will rationalize to ourselves that somebody else will take care of it.
We, as Americans, should be ashamed of ourselves. Just a little over half of the adult population of the United States is registered to vote. (Approximately 60%)

Our Democratic Republic is a living entity whose cells are made up of the individuals of the population. It is a fragile and delicate life form, the more of its cells that are active the healthier it will be. Conversely if enough cells become inactive the life of the Republic is over. Our founding fathers knew how fragile the life of our Republic would be.
The current endeavors to promote “Political Correctness” have done a great deal of harm to the Democratic process. Political correctness and being overly concerned about who we offend, have completely stymied the open discussion of the issues among the people. We need to stop this vilifying of the opposition. It is the fact that we have opposing viewpoints, that can freely be expressed, which makes this country great. Stand up, be outraged at the efforts to suppress your God given rights.
Every Citizen of the United States ideally would be a Patriot. Every Patriot of the United States should be a Politician. Now I don’t mean that every citizen should occupy a public office. I mean that everyone should be willing and able to discuss the facts of the issues with the opposition. Not a name calling, mudslinging brawl, but an open and frank discussion of the facts, concerns, and beliefs. Those that often result to name-calling or vilify the opposition do so because they ether are not equipped with the facts or the facts don’t support their opinion. The truth is always a persuasive argument.

Read the Declaration of Independence. Recognize that it is confirming the rights God has given to all men, not rights granted by the government. That no laws, no vote, no public opinion can change this. My fellow Patriots now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. To delay would be folly to rely on others to do it is to shirk your responsibility as a citizen. Never before has our country been in such need, it’s not asking much, just be that responsible Citizen, Patriot, Politician going forth vanquishing the foes of our Democratic Republic armed with the truth and freely willing to speak it. Lincoln had it right, “a government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Notice the phrase “by the people” demands action!