America needs to make a re-commitment to greatness.

But in order to do so, it must recognize what catapulted it to the global leadership. Failure to do so will continue the slow erosion of self-reliance, self-confidence, self- determination and self-control within America.

The unprecedented leadership of America in military, economic, scientific and cultural arenas is due to the  environment fostered by the American state. An environment that allowed its citizens the widest latitude for creativity and innovation, and rewarded success without government approval or bureaucratic interference.

But it is no longer sufficient to merely recognize this.

It must be taught that the individual is greater than the State. Taught that strong families are a nation’s greatest resource. Taught that competitive capitalism is the key to national wealth.

You need to pass on what it means to be an American to this generation. A society does not survive if it does not have a reason to survive.

The concept of American exceptionalism has been completely removed from American textbooks. Instead, children are taught to be global citizens. All reference to God has been removed from classrooms.

A nation is defined by borders, language and culture. America is no different. And yet internationalists within and beyond America are determined to ensure that the concept of  the nation-state be considered a construct of bigotry. It’s not prejudiced to insist that newcomers adhere to the very qualities that attracted them in the first place.

Seldom does a day pass where the silver tint of the clouds of doubt over America do not get stronger. But this feeling of despair can be arrested.

The trend toward nanny state stagnation can be stopped.  The inexorable erosion of the very freedoms that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world and a force for good can be stopped.

But to do so patriotic Americans need to win the hearts and minds of others. And this includes a concerted effort to re-capture their role as educators. In the classroom, in the neighborhood and beyond.

Only then can the world-needed American renaissance begin.