The reverend will be meeting with about 100 local pastors to talk about Ebola and hopes to organize a prayer vigil for Duncan and his family.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is in Dallas Tuesday to make sure Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is getting the best medical care possible.

Jackson said on Twitter that Duncan’s family asked for his help because they feel he has been shunned. He plans to bring them comfort and “seek the best humanitarian relief America has to offer.”

“We must kill the disease and not the person,” he tweeted.

“Thomas deserves the love and the best medical treatment American can afford as has happened for all the other Americans who have contracted this terrible disease,” he told FOX 4. “He must be treated as a patient with all the human rights deserved, not as a criminal.”

Duncan moved to Dallas from Liberia about a week before he got sick. Although Liberian officials said he lied on his travel forms to get to the United States, Jackson believes he did not know he was exposed.

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