Reverend Wright is President Obama’s former Minister who stirred up a hornet’s nest when segments of his sermons were publicized during Obama’s presidential campaign five years ago.

At the time, he was minister of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago – and the pastor of then senator Barack Obama.

As excerpts of old sermons showed up on newscasts across the country, Wright became the news.

“They decided to spin, what was 8-years old, one was five-years old, and they took sentences that were completely out of context and they made that the ‘boog-a-bear’ to scare voters away from Obama,” Wright says. “If they played the whole sentence in context, it would have undercut their whole purpose.”

Wright spoke at the Bayard Rustin lecture series in Pittsburgh, Thursday night.

Wright is now retired but still retains a relationship with President Obama and spends most of his time talking about civil rights.

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