Our Governor, Rick Perry, is a man with “True Grit.” He is brave enough to speak truth about a government program which has been called the “third rail of American politics” and has no fear of  being “politically incorrect” in a day and age when such attitudes prevail. Unlike many, he is not afraid to be pro-life, challenge evolution and global warming, nor to hide his faith in the Almighty.

Neither is he afraid to defend the border of the United States against illegal immigration and, worse, the drug cartels that invade Texas and smuggle drugs engaging in gun battles with the Texas Rangers whom Mr. Perry has sent to the frontier with Mexico. The biggest irony of all is the false charge Mr. Perry is weak on illegal immigration. No one anywhere has committed more armed officers to the border both on land and in the air to protect the border with Mexico.

Yet, despite his tough, no-nonsense grit in the face of all the issues facing the nation, perhaps one of his most courageous positions is his fearlessness in standing tall to protect the innocent little children whose parents crossed the Rio Grande illegally and, find themselves in Texas through no fault of their own. At this point in our national history, such a stand proves he really is a man with “true grit.”

For many who find fault with Texas on the near unanimous action of the Texas Legislature in 2001 which passed a law that allows such children to pay in-state tuition in a Texas College or University, it is clear they either do not understand the culture in Texas or prefer to ignore it for political gain. In fact, all students from any Texas border state such as Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, etc., are eligible for in state Texas tuition. But the main point is that nearly two centuries of the blended cultures of Texas and Mexico still survive. The border cities of Texas along the Mexican border not only share cultures but also commerce and schools. Students from Mexico, for example, cross into Texas to attend Catholic Schools often only blocks and walking distance from the border.

Texans and Mexicans cross the border for work and trade and intermingle perhaps more than any other place in the nation.

Texas was once a free Republic and the only state of the union to have fought its’ own war of independence. The war was against the dictator Santa Ana who had disdain for the Mexican Constitution but not against Mexico. In fact, many of the heroes of Texas are Hispanic such as Juan Seguin and others who rank as high in the mythic history of Texas as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. Like the travel brochures say about Texas, “it’s a whole different country.

How many Americans realize the Texas flag that flew over the Alamo during the famous battle was the Mexican Flag imprinted with the year 1824 to commemorate the Mexican Constitution enacted then, but later, thrown out by Santa Ana? The point of these minor historical facts, and there are many more, is to present a broader understanding of the Texas culture and why the majority Republican Texas Legislature with a near unanimous  vote allows in-state tuition for not only the children of the illegals but for all the other bordering states of the U.S.

Lately, Governor Perry has been under unfair attacks by all the media, the Republican establishment, and the other Republican contenders for the Presidency.

One of the most vocal was Michelle Bachman who herself voted for in-state tuition in Minnesota in 2005 when she was in Minnesota Senate.

In Texas, land ownership is practically a sacred religion and I would be willing to bet that those politicians claiming they would build a fence on every inch of the U.S. border would probably find much resistance to federal fence building across  privately owned land in Texas.

The majority of people living on the land in Texas, for the most part, are strong Christian believers and many would find the average Texan with a Bible in one hand and a shotgun in the other when the government arrived to seize their land and build a fence.

In closing, this Texas is the culture from which Governor Perry has come and been shaped. President Obama has claimed Americans have grown soft. Communists and their sympathizers are occupying the financial centers of the country and “wishy-washy” contenders are seeking the Presidency. At this dark moment in American history, it is time to send a man with “True Grit” to Washington. A fearless, honorable man who is not soft and who will keep America free and make her prosperous once again.

Think of it this way, would you like to live in a country more like France or more like Texas?