Texas Gov. Rick Perry promises a decision soon on whether to run for president. Dropping a possible hint in a visit to the Journal this week, Mr. Perry reported that his wife is urging him to get into the race for the GOP nomination. Conservatives may agree with Mrs. Perry when they examine the guv’s agenda.

If he gets into the race, Mr. Perry will be offering the Texas model of economic growth to a nationwide audience. Texas is the undisputed national champ when it comes to job creation, with 254,000 jobs created in the last year and more than a third of the country’s new jobs since the end of the recession in 2009.

Mr. Perry said that assuming a GOP victory over President Obama and a Republican takeover of the Senate, the first item of business would be a repeal of ObamaCare “in totality, and a great sigh of relief would be heard across this country.” Next up would be spending cuts, and eliminating the two cabinet departments could be just the beginning. “Those are minor amounts of money but they are very symbolic,” he added.

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