These idiotic EPA regulations, written by pampered and slickly coiffed bureaucrat’s sitting in their air-conditioned offices in Washington D.C., adversely affect thousands of real people, fighting real forest fires under hellish and savage conditions.

Occasionally a news story perfectly encapsulates the deceptive, double-dealing, dishonest, disingenuous, double-crossing, duplicitous, underhanded, and unscrupulous nature of B.H. Obama’s cynical contempt for the American people.

From we read:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards are to blame for a freeze in a Pentagon program that provides military equipment to fire departments for fighting wildfires, according to a group of bipartisan senators.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, 25 senators urge the department to restart the program immediately to help rural communities battle growing wildfires.

The issue: the Department of Defense (DOD) froze two programs that supply communities with trucks, pumps, generators and engine parts.

In all, the excess federal equipment normally provided totals roughly $150 million.

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