As Gabriel Heatter used to say: “There’s good news tonight!”
We took care of Vietnam.  But Korea is still a mess.  How about Libya,
all settled down and quiet.  Egypt is doing so nicely these days – but
Syria…well, she’s still a bit of a problem.  Oh, let’s not forget
Afghanistan and Iraq.  A few years ago we really had it out with
Iran…or did we?  But, all in all, we’ve calmed down the world to
such an extent that we can just all go fishing now.  We’ll have to get
our poles from China – maybe we can get Al Qaida to cough up some
worms.  They should be good at that.

Which reminds me, are we merchandising Benghazi yet?  Ought to be
something lucrative there.

There is something unworldly about this – can’t seem to wrap my mind
around Obama’s “strategy.”  Bashar is fighting for his country and
trying to rid it of Al Qaida and the mindless rebels that are
destroying everything in sight, and murdering civilians including
Christians and other infidels, by blowing them up, beheading them and
even worse.  And the last word I heard, Kerry and his boss are now
shipping weapons to Bashar.  Oh, I forgot, not Bashar, the “good guys”
who are murdering, raping, dismembering and other atrocities that
don’t seem to get much ink these days.  Is there some sense to all
this?  Wouldn’t it be nice if a few “investigative journalists” would
publish what they know?  I have to believe that there are some “out
there” who know the truth of many of these events, but have lips
sealed for fear our great leader would object.

How many more countries can we poke sticks at, then decimate them when
they object?  I’m sure I’m missing something here; that’s why I’m not
in the State Department.  They have all the answers so we should just
shut up and stay calm.  We have everything under control, control,

Russia has had her episodes of Islamic terrorism – brutal, to say the
least.  She has some sense at to what to do about groups like that in
one’s own country.  Would it make sense if Russia aided the extremists
in Syria, or the Syrian government?  I think they know who the bad
guys are and are steering us away from obliterating the country with
all our “super” power, not even knowing the difference between the
revolutionists and the legitimate government.  I didn’t know Putin to
be of a more sane mind, but in this instance I think he deserves
credit.  And, believe it or not, the Russian people actually like him,
as opposed to the imposter in the White House.

It appears that the propaganda put forth by the White House that Assad
crossed Obama’s infamous “red line,” and surrounding himself with like
fools, he is believing his own myth and attempting to save face.  If,
suddenly, a hundred thousand Islamic terrorists swooped into the U. S.
and started the same thing they have in Syria, would we arm them?
Cheer them on?  Invite them to dinner?  Or, would we use every means
at our disposal to dispense them post haste?  I think the latter
speaks for itself.  Assad is doing the same.  God bless him!