It’s not often that we get to see around dark corners. When we do, it
is rarely what we expect. The darkness of contending with illegal
immigration is so clouded with good intentions gone bad that one no
longer expects to see light at the end of the tunnel. Past amnesty,
porous borders, utter disdain of legal immigration rules and constant
battles between those who think we need more laborers and the 47
million American citizens already on food stamps and other welfare all
contribute to indecision in Congress. When a guy like Marco Rubio
shows up, the Democrats knew they had a field to cultivate; and they
went farmers post haste.

Marco is a good man; honest, conscientious, moral, Tea-Party endorsed,
of recent legal immigration ancestry, but totally ignorant of
Democratic snake bites. Trusting, but treating Democratic chess
players from a second grade marble player’s disadvantage. When
Schumer saw Marco in his corner, he must have laid awake all night
from giddiness. Marketing of anything involves a certain salesmanship
and the Republicans can’t seem to be able to read the fine print. In
this case, one didn’t even need to read – the illogic of it all
literally screamed out how bad the immigration bill became. When any
bill, contrived by liberal, Marxist legislators, is submitted, and the
ten page bill becomes 1400 pages, even the second grade marble player
must be a little bit suspicious. In this case, not so. When
“security of the border” was rejected by the Democratic Senate, as a
pre-condition of any of the other facets of the bill, even Marco
should have been suspicious. Again, trusting the pit vipers to not
strike. Of course, the other RINO’s who voted for the bill, must not
be left out of this. Compassion for those illegals already in this
country must be dealt with, but I doubt that there will ever be a
consensus of action to this problem.

Here is one solution: begin to reduce the welfare hordes now draining
the country. When welfare money runs out, able-bodied workers will
begin looking for jobs, but not until then. Compassion, coupled with
endless largesse, is a killer. There surely is a very large
percentage of the 47 million on food stamps who would be forced to
look for and find jobs that they wouldn’t otherwise accept as
“beneath” them. The enslavement of whole generations of citizens by
“free” money, is a disaster that turns able workers into beggars.
This, in turn, is the rotten apple that in short order, affects the
whole barrel. The USA used to be a worker’s paradise – legally
drawing workers from around the world: to work; to invent; to build;
to be proud of their productivity.

The main thrust of a government is to protect its citizens, borders
and commerce and to allow everyone to be as productive as possible,
with as little restrictions necessary to guarantee a civilized
society. It’s time to put some light back in the dark corners, so we
can see some hope for the future.