The Republican Party hacks — the ossified leaders who appear to cooperate with the Democrats to help conservative candidates lose primaries and general elections — got exposed for what they really are this week. In some staffer’s mistake (or was it?), a Yahoo News reporter allegedly heard the old has-beens warn against “making personal attacks against President Barack Obama.”

Yahoo’s Rachel Rose Hartman says they warned on their private conference call that to attack Obama personally would be “too hazardous for the GOP.” That means they have told the Tea Party crowd and other conservatives who ask if Obama is even eligible to be president: Don’t Ask, and Don’t Tell.

Where have these creeps been when we needed them to defend good GOP candidates under vicious attacks from the Democrats and their media? In an infuriating revelation of the GOP’sRules for Losers, we see a repeat of their 2008 game plan that doomed moderate progressiveJohn McCain, who was too much of a gentleman to bring up anything about Obama that might suggest the Democrat should not be elected president. McCain even forbade his staff from using Obama’s legal middle name, Hussein.

I guess McCain thought it was worth losing the election to remain “pure.”

One operative explained why Republicans should repeat the McCain plan in 2012. “There’s a lot of people who feel sorry for him,” Nicholas Thompson, a Republican pollster, supposedly said.  That’s right; the Republican establishment doesn’t want our candidates to say anything negative about the worst president in decades, because people may feel sorry for Obama.

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