I don’t often get called a racist, but when I do, I know I’ve just kicked some liberal’s ass:

Make no mistake my conservative friends, the leftists are scared and they are out of ammo. Here’s a rebuttal to a good example – a lockstep wannabe named Roger Simon at “Politico,” a website which regularly features smear-mongers aimed straight at the people. Roger Simon is frightened at what he sees and calling people – including myself, a bunch of bigots.

Some background:
Having smelled just a taste of what is to come (particularly in the 2014 primary and general elections), the mainstream and not-so blessed left-wing haters are out in force, screaming racism where they can invent it. When World War II veterans in wheelchairs are barricaded, harassed, threatened and jack-booted by newly empowered National Park Service employees, Americans came to their aid – and why not? Haven’t these mostly 90-year-old men – who defeated tyranny once – earned the right to view a memorial honoring their service without the new tyranny taking out the batons and stopping them?

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