Last week Obama turned down a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu citing a “scheduling conflict”. Certainly that’s understandable. The leader of the free world has lots of commitments. With the economy upside down, the Middle East exploding in riots and gas/energy prices adding extreme strains to families across the nation there are a lot of issues the President must address. Of course he’s busy! But rather then showing the American people he is committed to putting out some of these fires by, oh say showing up for his daily security briefings (or meeting with the burdened leader of our closest ally), Obama showed up at The View with his fiddle for a good, old-fashioned hoedown (no pun intended). Scheduling conflict? More like campaign stop. Which, during better times might be acceptable but in the current global meltdown we are experiencing it is inexcusable.

Let’s keep in mind just who exactly is watching The View: Women. Love it or hate it The View has become a ratings powerhouse for women in the coveted 18-49 demographic. When you want to reach a lot of women viewers/voters/consumers it makes sense to go there. Obama is struggling to reach the same women voters he swept in 2008. The Democrat-manufactured “war on women” has spectacularly backfired and Mrs. Obama has an “image” issue. Watching the First Lady take luxury vacations one after another to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars–hasn’t done much to endear her or her family to the women of America who must make the choice between groceries and bills on a daily basis. Obviously Mr. Obama’s team thinks shoring up the female vote is more important than hearing out the leader of an ally country that stands on the precipice of annihilation each and every day.

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