The first century Roman politician and historian, Tacitus,
has some words for us today. Living through several Roman
tyrants, Domitian being one of the worst, he was astute enough to
put pen to paper and give us a glimpse of what happens with power
and absolute power. Political correctness was also one of his
enemies. He mused that at the end of his life he would like to
retire to a more tranquil life when “…we may think what we
please, and express what we think.”

Is it so much different after two thousand years of history,
high-office intrigue, political corruption, battlefield slaughter
and “wars, and rumors of wars”? Relating the history of the time
of his life, he stated the condition as “rich in disasters,
frightful in its wars, torn by civil strife, and even in peace
full of horrors.” “Rome was wasted by conflagrations.” “Sacred
rites were profaned.” “In the capitol there were yet worse
horrors.” (Tacitus, “The Histories: Book 1”)

I am tempted to expose Tacitus’ entire treatise to those who
have little knowledge of history, refuse to learn of history, or
even to “teach” false history; but, for the sake of those who
would rather “study” it for themselves, I will defer to the
reader. It helps to know how we got where we are and how wastrel
lifestyles lead straight into debauchery.

Politics and wars have not changed, and, according to
history, they are not about to begin in our lifetime. Washington
is as corrupt as was Rome. Holding office for most politicians
is just a means to corrupt even more. It seems to be a badge of
success for those responsible for 47 million citizens (and non-
citizens) on food stamps. Haters of our liberties who would
override and corrupt the Constitution, which, when written, was
referred to by John Adams in the following terms:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
(John Adams, October 11, 1798.)

We have now come to the point in our history when the highest
court in the land is being challenged to destroy that sacred
document and replace it with something the United Nations would
esteem. In 1837 Daniel Webster stated: “The hand that destroys
the Constitution rends our union asunder forever.”

The present “power” in Washington today is likened to
Tacitus’ account of Vittelius, the Emperor’s brother. He “abated
nothing of his habitual indulgences;” “with a profuse liberality,
he granted treaties to allies;” “some he relieved by exemptions;”
and “ignorant of military matters.” Is this a study of one who
would “become President”? And uphold our beloved Constitution?

There is an inability to discern between helping a person up
and making him a dependent. There is the fear of securing the
border. There is extreme precaution in calling violent terrorism
what it is…and who’s behind it. This screams of lack of wisdom
and experience. But, maybe not…maybe it’s the “Caesar complex”
believing that you are God…and the people around you are only
puppets to dispense the “wealth of the nation” to those who
haven’t earned it. And now, with the present President, his first
lady and even a former President gleefully extolling the
“virtues”? of homosexuality, one must wonder: who is this, really,
who sits in the White House? Does anyone know?