Bracketing’ Aims To ‘Step On President’s Message’

Hearing the term “bracketing” tossed about these days? Sounds like something you do when you’re picking a college basketball winner in March. But this has more to do with Mitt Romney’s strategy for November.

Take what’s happening this week. President Obama has a campaign trip to Ohio. So what does the Romney campaign do? They set up a bunch of interviews for Romney with Ohio radio stations in the hours before the president’s speech. Then Romney goes to Ohio the next day to give the response to Obama.

Team Romney sees this as “bracketing” the president, challenging Obama both before and after his speech with the GOP contender’s own messaging.

“We’re stepping on the president’s message,” a Romney campaign official put it bluntly.

As Philip Rucker with the Washington Post reports, Team Romney hopes its “bracketing” strategy will “force the president on the defensive.”

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