Top adviser to Mitt Romney campaign details how a secret meeting cemented Paul Ryan for vice presidential pick, setting off a covert campaign of stealthy moves fitting of a Hollywood spy movie.

It was a picture-perfect unveiling — the majestic USS Wisconsin draped in bunting as a backdrop, with a stage surrounded by thousands of cheering supporters. All the pomp and circumstance worthy of a vice presidential announcement.

Only it wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

“We were originally going to make the announcement Friday,” Beth Myers, the close adviser tasked with vetting potential VP candidates for Mitt Romney told reporters Saturday. “We were going to announce in New Hampshire.”

Until tragedy struck and Paul Ryan’s duty as a Congressman to attend a memorial service following a shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin forced a temporary delay.

In a rare glimpse into a notoriously secretive process, the Romney campaign held a briefing with Ms. Myers to discuss the behind-the-scenes events culminating in Mitt Romney’s decision to pick Paul Ryan as his number two.

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