Almost nobody outside of America had heard of Paul Ryan until today.

But they know him now.

Telegenic, energetic, intellectual and bold, the man with two first names is to this campaign the political equivalent of a Lockheed missile.

In a move that leaves Vice President Biden wiping sweat off his brow and President Obama rushing to the comforts of his Chicago, Governor Romney has sent a clear message. Game on.

Only the most ornery of conservatives could complain about the choice. Sure, Ryan’s not from a swing state. Sure, he voted for TARP, the Auto Bailout and Part D.

But despite these imperfections, he is just what America needs. A patriot and a conservative with profoundly American ideas and ideals. Not to mention he complements Romney beautifully, or as Rocky once said of Adrian, he “fills gaps.”

With a bold plan and sharp mind, the Representative hailing from the state of Wisconsin is a marked man. For Democratic strategists eager to paint the GOP as people who want to kill baby seals with assault weapons in their spare time, he’s a dream. But you know what? He’s also the dream for every American wanting their country to once more fulfill its potential, and stop falling behind itself.

In his words, he doesn’t want to replace the founding principles of America: he wants to re-apply them. Amen. He believes in the individual, and not the government, and understands the simple equation we conservatives know to be true: the bigger the government, the worse the citizen.

Now this election truly becomes a contest of ideas, and the ideological war it needs to be. No less than the greatness of America is at stake. Even the Down Under American, Rupert Murdoch, knew it, tweeting: “Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice.”

An excellent pick, indeed. The Vice Presidential Debate should make for painful, or pleasurable TV. Vice President Biden, who makes former Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quayle look like a rocket scientist, will be completely out of his intellectual depth when sparring with Ryan.

Governor Romney has made his best move yet; let’s just hope the American people do the same on November 6.

Even people who had never heard of Paul Ryan before today around the world are counting on it.