Yes, Mitt Romney just went there–joking, of course, but never expect the left to have a sense of humor. He told a home town crowd in Michigan: “Now I love being home in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford hospital. I was born in Harper Hospital. No one has asked to see my birth certificate–they know that this is the place where we were born and raised.”

Cue predictable outrage from the left, the Obama campaign, and the mainstream media (which are fast becoming one and the same). Birthers! Dog whistles! Racism! Except, of course, that Barack Obama was likely the very first Birther, apparently telling his literary agent–and letting her claim for sixteen years–that he was “born in Kenya.” It was untrue in 1991, and remains untrue today, but Obama evidently wanted to appear more exotic.

In fact, what emerges from David Maraniss’s fascinating but incomplete biography of Obama is that the President has constantly exaggerated the details of his life, while the mainstream media is constantly trying to smooth out the rough edges and inconvenient details. Obama wants to be perceived as an epic hero, a radically transformative figure; the media often tries to portray him as the resolution of our past, a symbol of unity.

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