In a well-written and very well-delivered and wide-ranging foreign policy speech (full transcript here) that touched on everything from Russia to North Africa to the Middle East, Governor Mitt Romney wasted no time in laying out a vision for America as player in world events as opposed to the bystander Obama seems determined to turn us into. The overall theme was a stark choice between Obama’s policy of disengagement and lost opportunities to shape events, and an America that with the help of its allies will have a hand in shaping the world.

The sharpest moments, though, hit on Obama’s appalling mishandling of Libya. Though Romney blamed no one but the terrorists for the assassination of four Americans, including our Ambassador, there’s no question that Benghazi is the kind of tragedy that can happen when America isn’t engaged or paying close attention.

That Obama has been a foreign policy-bystander is no longer in doubt, especially in the Middle East. But what we’ve witnessed in Benghazi was criminal neglect in the area of security and a full-blown cover up in the aftermath.

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