“Romney, by two touchdowns”—Charles Krauthammer

“Obama made a lot of great points tonight. Unfortunately, most of them were for Romney”—ultra-left “comedian” Bill Maher.


By now, most Patriot readers will know that Romney performed exceedingly well in debating Obama, while Obama was shown to have the proverbial lack of clothes. I’m not saying this because I am biased (although I am ;).  Polls of the over 67 million viewers by liberal TV stations show that they overwhelmingly agree with me:

“A CNN poll of 430 registered voters said 67 percent of respondents believe Mr. Romney won the debate, compared to only 25 percent who said President Barack Obama, a Democrat, came out on top.”

“A CBS poll of more than 500 undecided voters showed 46 percent believe Mr. Romney won the debate, 22 percent believe Mr. Obama won, and 32 percent say they tied.”

Now, we are supposed to be voting for Commander-in-Chief, not Debater-in-Chief.  But a good showing in the debates can help.  In 1980, Reagan’s classic line, a folksy “there you go again!” disarmed Carter’s attempt to portray him as a dangerous right-wing ideologue.  Then Reagan concluded by asking, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” in many different areas. Reagan had been well behind in the polls before the debate, but as we know, he won in a landslide.  And next cycle, when Reagan looked tired after the first debate with Mondale, he was asked about his age.  Reagan quipped, “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”  Everyone laughed, even Mondale, who would go on to win only his home state and DC in a complete rout.

The problem with debates

Before the debate, I was not so confident myself, especially as the slack Republican establishment agreed to debates moderated by leftists on left-biased channels.  Not a single one on the balanced Fox News, although In 2010 Fox News had more total viewers than MSNBC, CNN, and HLN combined—and even for this debate, there were far more viewers on Fox.

I also wasn’t sure that Romney was the best debater.  And one reason I had preferred Newt as a candidate was his proven debating skill, which not only eclipse Obama’s, but also include the ability to counterpunch against liberal “moderators”.

The first debate was no exception.  The moderator Jim Lehrer has a long history of favoring Democratic candidates.  Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, gave away that they expected him to be in the Democrat camp when she said that they didn’t need Lehrer because Romney was managing by himself.  Then she beat a hasty retreat.  Obama himself often looked plaintively at Lehrer, clearly expecting him to help more.

Conservative pundits delighted

Many conservatives were not happy when Governor Romney won the nomination.  Some have been quite critical of Romney’s campaign performance thus far, although not always fairly.  So seeing many of them in high praise for Romney is most revealing.

For example, Charles Krauthammer said that Romney won “by two touchdowns”, and that it was “the biggest rout since … the Carter–Reagan debate.”  Conversely, Obama was shown up for what he was: “Obama just isn’t that good. Not without a teleprompter.”

Free market defender Larry Kudlow has previously lamented that Romney’s convention speech was short on economics. But after the debate, Kudlow said, “A principled Romney cleaned Obama’s clock,” and was delighted that Romney not only defended a free economy, but also understood why he defended it.

Conservative libertarian Jeff Jacoby summarized what many viewers saw:

“On issue after issue, in exchange after exchange, Romney was focused, clear, interesting, and engaged, while Obama repeatedly came across as distracted, irritated, and vague. The former Massachusetts governor was plainly enjoying himself. The president seemed to want nothing more than to run out the clock and bring a painful evening to an end.”

Mona Charen was also delighted “when a supremely skilled, razor-sharp Romney sailed to victory over Obama in Denver. … With a brilliant and nearly perfectly pitched performance, Mitt Romney highlighted Mr. Obama’s distortions and lies, sometimes with simple declarative sentences—‘Virtually everything he just said about my tax plan is inaccurate’— and sometimes with humor.”

Joel Pollak wrote on Breitbart.com:

“Gov. Mitt Romney eviscerated a staggering and bewildered President Barack Obama tonight in one of the most lopsided presidential debates in American history. Throughout the debate, which focused on domestic policy, Obama looked shaken, rarely looking at the camera, reciting old talking points and filibustering as Romney gave a master class at the University of Denver. … Romney refused to let him escape—and soon Obama began making several blunders, stating at one point that he had conversations with Americans about their health care “four years ago”—i.e. not since he has taken office. He even turned his frustration upon moderator Jim Lehrer at one point, accusing him of interrupting him.”

Leftists admit defeat

More revealing than the above was the fact that leftists also couldn’t avoid the hard fact that their darling was defeated.  For example, CNN lamented “Obama now faces the task of recovering from his debate stumble.”  ABC reported, “Obama Fights Back Day After Debate Defeat.”

And many of Obama’s Leftmedia fans were shocked and angry that their man went down.  One of the most revealing was Bill Maher, who gave $1 million to President Obama’s super PAC, and is a Christian-hating bigot who would love Obama’s war on the Church.   But during the debate, he tweeted, “i [sic] can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter” and “Obama made a lot of great points tonight. Unfortunately, most of them were for Romney.”  Maher also mocked Obama’s pompous lecturing style, tweeting “that president Obama sure is smart, but i’m not sure if i’m gonna take his class next semester.”

Chris Matthews of MSNBC (what Mark Levin calls MSLSD) infamously declared that when covering Obama, “I felt this thrill going up my leg” from Obama.  But Matthews went apoplectic about this debate (see video).  He was irate that Obama failed to make his case, and was like “first grade”.  Matthews instead ranted against Romney, but admitted, “Romney was winning”.  Again, it was revealing when he urged that Obama learn from all his fellow leftists at MSNBC.

Al Gore made the idiotic excuse that Obama lost because of the altitude in Denver, but I thought Romney was at the same altitude.

And last—and least—has been the Phoney-in-Chief’s own boorish attacks on his opponent.

So Romney has given Patriots good reason for confidence.  Of course, as Sarah Palin warned, Obama’s re-election campaign wouldn’t “go down without swinging.”  So Romney must be prepared for any dirty tricks, including a resurfacing of the much-ballyhooed selectively edited “47 percent” tape.

In part 2, I will analyze the debate itself.

Romney trounces Obama in first debate: Part 2