In the first Presidential debate of the 2012 election season, the nation agrees that Romney pummeled Obama. Romney was decisive, specific, clear, passionate, and mostly conservative. Obama was vague, cynical, and often looked pleadingly to Liberal moderator Jim Lehrer for help. What a wimp.

Some of my Ron Paul friends believe that Romney is all talk. I hope, for our country’s sake, that they are wrong. For the most part, Romney appeared to support state’s rights, lower taxes, and religious liberty. Sometimes he sounded like a moderate. That’s too bad.

Anyway, I just returned from an 11-day tour of New England and Canada on the Monumental Tour and Cruise. Wow. I walked in the footsteps of the Pilgrims and our Forefathers. These men and women sacrificed everything dear to them for the right to worship God and advance His Kingdom. I realize that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. But God, in His sovereignty, has allowed him to be the challenger to Emperor Obama.

Where are the Christians? Where is our candidate? We’ve been in hiding waiting for the Rapture. After all, “Work is too hard.” “Politics are too dirty.” God had to send a Mormon because most Christians believe we are going to lose. Mormons believe in victory. I believe Christians will win despite their escapist, pietistic theology. God may use a Mormon to save our country from the defeatist theology cowardly Christians.

That’s a radical thought.

Until Christians have a candidate that can win, I am going to get behind the guy who can stop Obama. If I were living in NAZI Germany, I would have got behind the guy who could have stopped Hitler — even if his religious beliefs were different than mine.

Where do you stand?