Well folks, after a roller-coaster week with brutal media attacks full of ups and downs from the Romney and Gingrich camps, Mitt Romney ultimately pulled ahead and won the Florida primary.

As I’m writing this at 8 p.m. EST, the polls have just closed with 56% of the precincts in.  The numbers will change by tomorrow, but for now here’s the breakdown:

Mitt Romney, 47%

Newt Gingrich, 31%

Rick Santorum, 13%

Ron Paul, 7%

So what does this mean?  While it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of any of the candidate’s chances it’s a good indicator of who might go on to become the GOP nominee.

The winner of the Florida primary has gone on to be the party’s nominee in 8 out of 10 past primaries.

But then again, it’s been anyone’s game so far; Romney won New Hampshire, Gingrich won South Carolina and Santorum took Iowa.

According to Fox News, exit polls showed Gingrich did well with evangelical voters but Romney won the vote among seniors and Hispanics.

The article said, “voters overwhelmingly went for Romney among those who said “winning in November is the most important quality in a Republican nominee.  But for voters who valued ‘true conservative’ credentials, Gingrich led with 46 percent, followed by Santorum at 26 percent and Paul at 16 percent.”

Next up, Nevada.  Follow this link for a complete schedule of upcoming primaries and caucuses.