Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney appears to be changing his tune on alleged “man-made global warming.”

In response to the former Massachusetts governor recently stating that he would not willing to spend trillions of dollars on global-warming research when he does not know whether it is mostly caused by humans, executive editor Marc Morano says it sounds like a flip-flop.

“Mitt Romney has gone full-circle on this issue, and it will leave a lot of Republican voters scratching their heads [and wondering], Does he really mean this, or is it politically convenient?”

He has no doubt that Romney is feeling the pressure of a leading skeptic, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), whom Morano calls a “defiant and proud climate skeptic.”

“This was hours after Senator Inhofe came out and said that Romney was ‘mushy’ on environmental issues, including global warming. And … Senator Inhofe had just endorsed Rick Perry,” Morano explains.

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