The reports of Ron Paul’s demise are greatly exaggerated. A spokesman for the campaign has repeatedly affirmed that Ron Paul isn’t going away and that he has neither ended nor suspended his campaign for the presidency. In fact, the Texas congressman’s drive to accumulate delegates at the state Republican conventions seems to be gaining momentum.

Although the Paul camp has acknowledged “Governor Romney has what is very likely an insurmountable lead,” they are fighting on and will undoubtedly leverage their increasing cache of committed delegates to strengthen their platform-influencing position in Tampa in August.

It has been observed that “it’s way too late to keep Paul from having a sizable presence at the Republican National Convention.” It’s also way too late to believe that the Paul bloc of the Republican Party will go gentle into that good night and to stand idly by as the Romney wing converts its candidate’s policy pronouncements into the GOP platform for 2012.

A writer at the Washington Post reckons that Ron Paul will push for votes “on a few platform issues” but ultimately settle for “platform committee losses” on most of his key policy stances with “one or two minor victories” as a consolation prize.

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