By now we have all heard about the demographic and socio-cultural changes in America that helped ensure the re-election of Barack Obama.  Democrats are practically gleeful about these changes (i.e. more single mothers on welfare, increase in the Hispanics population, rise of the entitlement mentality, and a growing population of senior citizens who are easily manipulated by Democrats using scare tactics about Medicare and Social Security).  Having lost two presidential elections in a row—one to the worst president in America’s history—mainstream Republicans are beginning to wonder if they should not respond by shedding their already lukewarm support for America’s founding principles in favor of pandering to single mothers, Hispanics, and the elderly.

It’s as if the mainstream Republican Party is considering trying to win with Democrat principles rather than lose with conservative principles.  This is a mistake.  Republicans did not lose two presidential elections because they adhered too strongly to America’s founding principles.   They lost because they went soft on these principles, principles such as limited government, low taxation, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and free-market economics.

My colleague, Archie Jones, and I wrote our new book, Rules for Conservative Radicals (available at because we see the mainstream Republican Party going soft on conservative principles and following socio-cultural trends in America rather than getting out in front and leading them.  Unfortunately, among mainstream Republicans getting out in front and leading socio-cultural trends as Ronald Reagan did is now considered “radical.”  It is sad to realize that those we call “radicals” in America are no longer Marxists, Communists, or anti-American anarchists, but are now conservatives who still believe in the principles of America’s Founders. If wanting to re-establish the America envisioned by the Founders makes one a radical, so be it.  Rather than run from the term, Archie Jones and I believe real conservatives should make the most of it.  The message in our new book is that by this new definition we should all be “radicals.” Remember, our Founding Fathers were considered radicals in their time too.

We wrote our new book to help Tea Party patriots and other conservatives save America by leading socio-cultural trends at the local, state, and national levels rather than falling into the trap of following trends in an attempt to win elections.  Aided by the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the public schools, Democrats have convinced a lot of Americans that big government, redistribution of wealth through taxation, entitlement, government control of our everyday lives, class envy, and blaming businesses for poverty are the best principles for contemporary America.  In other words, liberals have lied to their supporters.

As a result of liberal lies, limited government, low taxation, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and free-market policies are now considered radical concepts.  Nevertheless, these are the principles that made America great, and they are the principles that must be restored if America is to be saved from becoming a European-style socialist state. Consequently, any election won by Republicans who cast aside the founding principles and pander to demographic groups who have their collective hands in the government treasury would be a hollow victory indeed.

America’s Founders were willing to risk their lives, property, and “sacred honor” to create a country that would provide its citizens economic opportunity, religious freedom, and individual liberty.  The Founders knew that to establish such a country would require a structure that limited government, required only minimal taxation, demanded personal responsibility, protected individual liberty, benefitted from a free-market economy, and enjoyed constitutional sovereignty.  Our new book explains how real conservatives can help reestablish that structure before it is too late.