Less than two weeks before Americans go to the polls, a scramble is on to educate voters and election officials nationwide about a spate of new voting laws that could affect turnout and impact key gubernatorial and Senate races.

The hodgepodge of education efforts, in states such as North Carolina and Wisconsin, are complicated by an array of court decisions in recent days and weeks that have either struck down, upheld or altered portions of the new laws.

“Clearly, voters don’t understand the new laws,” said Tram Nguyen, co-director of the Virginia New Majority, a liberal community group. “Outreach isn’t what it should be.”

What’s in and what’s out regarding the laws — several of which include government-issued photo identification requirements to cast ballots — is spawning confusion among voters and election officials, some of whom already have begun training their mostly volunteer Election Day workforce on how to carry out the rules at the polls.

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