Before Barack Obama finally, and thankfully left the White House, he spent an inordinate amount of time pushing an asinine conspiracy theory.

The shock that the liberals felt as Donald Trump overtly trounced Hillary Clinton on November 8th sent the entire American political left into a dirging, downward spiral of hate, blame, and despondence.  Out of those emotions rose the need for a scapegoat – someone to blame their embarrassment on.


Only a sliver of the American populace fell for Obama’s nonsense regarding Russia’s hacking of the U.S. election.

The perfect enemyto blame was right at hand for the liberals, as Clinton herself had desperately tried to connect Donald Trump with the purported scourge of the Eastern world; Vladimir Putin.

Trump, for what it’s worth, had been openly considering using diplomacy as his number one tool with the Russians, as opposed to relying on decades of stale, mutually-assured destruction tensions to keep the Ruskies at bay.  The soon-to-be President’s talking points regarding Putin and the Kremlin were softer than his ineffective predecessor in the White House, ergo, the liberals assumed that he must be wrong – no matter the facts.

So, when Hillary Clinton was ultimately sent packing back to Chautauqua, New York, the democrats went into a meltdown of epic proportions.  Propped up by the lame duck Presidency of Barack Obama, the leftists began a massive smear campaign aimed at delegitimizing Donald Trump’s electoral evisceration of Clinton.  And what better way to delegitimize a Presidential election than by claiming foreign interference.

This is where the entire, cockamamy conspiracy theory about the Russians “hacking” the U.S. election stems from; the need for a massive, undeniable scapegoat for Obama to sell to his doting, loyal sheep.

Never mind the fact that the Russians have completely dismissed the claims as pure heresy, or the fact that Obama’s administration could offer up exactly zero evidence to support their theory.  The damage had to be done via the vitriol and rhetoric of an awful president whose charisma charmed and brainwashed an entire generation of angry, millennial Americans.

Now, as it turns out, perhaps Obama only convinced a tiny cadre of his followers.

“The mainstream media has orchestrating a month-long propaganda blitz to convince the American people that ‘Russian hackers,’ led by Vladimir Putin, stole the election from Hillary Clinton.  They endlessly quoted ‘anonymous sources’ from inside the CIA, while never actually presenting a single shred of tangible evidence, to advance their narrative.

“But, in an epic illustration of just how little credibility the mainstream media has, despite their best efforts, over 70% of the American public still doesn’t think Russia influenced the 2016 election. Per a new poll conducted by Morning Consult, only 29% of Americans feel they “know with near certainty that Russia is responsible” for the hacking of DNC and Podesta emails…of course, we would question how anyone could possibly know with ‘near certainty’ given that no actual evidence has been presented but we’ll take their word for it.”

So why did everyone in America seems to be falling for it when the truth of the matter was that only a third of the nation believed it?  The answer lies in the liberals’ most powerful tool:  The mainstream media.

As the election results continued to irk the left, they began tying the phony Russia hacking story into their “fake news” narrative, attempting to pin the conservative media to Vladimir Putin as well.  This was all done through the use of the liberally-controlled media outlets which inflated the original Russia hacking fallacy to epic proportions, while simultaneously denouncing the true media outlets that refused to run with the shoddy story.

And there, folks, is how you create this air of uncertainty we face in our country today.

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