Is this part of Obama’s more flexible plan?

Russia has reportedly reached a deal with Cuba to reopen a Cold War-era listening post that was used to intercept U.S. communications and provide information to Russian Navy ships in the region.

Government sources who spoke to Russian newspaper Kommersant said the deal was reached while President Vladimir Putin was visiting Havana Friday.

The sources said Moscow began talks with Cuba years ago to re-open the post in the Havana suburb of Lourdes, but increased negotiations at the beginning of this year. Russia is also agreeing to write off 90 percent of the $32 billion debt Cuba owes Russia, Kommersant reports.

The post, which opened in 1967, is located 150 miles off the coast of Florida.

At its peak use, the post was worked by 3,000 Soviet military and intelligence personnel, who intercepted communications and relayed the information to Russian Navy ships and submarines in the Western hemisphere, according to The Telegraph.

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