A Los Angeles car salesman and electric car advocate is shelling $32,400 out of his retirement savings so he can make a pitch directly to President Obama at a “private, off-the-record” Democratic fundraiser next week.

Paul Scott, 60, says he isn’t a rich guy. He’s a $50,000-a-year Nissan salesman who plans to rub elbows with 24 bigwigs in a private luncheon that he says will put a crimp in his retirement plans.

So when a solicitation came for the fundraiser, Scott says he was told that he’d get a chance sometime over the luncheon to offer his advice directly to the president. “That was something I had to confirm before I wrote the check,” Scott says. At least two minutes, probably no more than four, he says he was told.

He wants to tell Obama that as an electric car expert he believes the administration needs to push for a so-called “carbon tax” that would raise prices on oil-based fuels, making electric car prices more competitive.


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