Interesting, from rags to riches.

Sandra Fluke – the feminist attorney who in 2012 claimed she couldn’t afford the $9 monthly cost of birth control pills and has said taxpayers should pay for it – is loaning her own legislative campaign a hefty sum of $100,000.

Fluke’s $100,000 cash infusion could, in fact, fund 11,111 months’ – or 925 years’ – supply of generic birth-control pills from suppliers such as Walmart or Target.

According to California campaign finance reports, Fluke, who is running for a state Senate seat in California, has contributed $12,000 to her own campaign and $4,826.27 in non-monetary donations in addition to the $100,000 loan.

Fluke’s in-laws have contributed more than $20,000 to her campaign, and her own family has donated $9,600, the Washington Examiner reported.

Those contributions amount to one-third of her total fundraising. Her campaign has raised $416,185.

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