Sarah Silverman Took a picture of her inflated tummy and said, “Look it’s a burrito.”

So I’m like ok, well next time take some Beano before you eat a burrito and you might be able to avoid the bloats.

Then she posted another picture with her tummy gone down.

I just figured she got some relief by fartin’ out the burrito gas.

But nope. In her attempt to be funny she did something that people like Hitler and Ahmedenejad would see as a real knee slapper.

Sarah Silverman is Jewish, so of course people like Hitler would be grateful to her for not seeing her unborn child as human, and not bringing another Jew into the world.

Yup, I’m sure Hitler would love Silverman’s so called humor.

But at this point he’s probably wondering if she would be as willing to walk into a Zyclon-b chamber to let them kill her as she is to walk into an abortion clinic so she could kill her child.


For the record, I wouldn’t want HER to do that.

I ain’t a hater like that. But I gotta point out the irony.

Anyway, I gotta say I get sick of defeatist so called conservatives who say Roe vs. wade can’t be overturned.

Uh, yes it can.

The constitution itself was overturned when abortion was made legal.

The original law is, we have the right to life, and that life is bestowed onto us upon creation.

Not at birth, but before that. Upon creation.

Remember that part in the Declaration of Independence?

All men are created equal.

Not all men are equal, not all men are born equal, but created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.

The 1st of which is life.

That is the law.

That law.

The original law itself was overturned,

so don’t tell me we can’t over turn Roe vs. Wade.

Sarah Silverman calls herself apologizing for her antics.

That wasn’t an apology.

Sarah Silverman conceived an apology, by saying,

”It wasn’t funny for me to talk so casually about abortion.

But then she turns around and aborts her apology with this statement.

“But when they take our right to choose away it will be HILARIOUS!”

Um, Sarah nobody has the right to choose to inflict wrongful death upon another.

A woman’s so called right to choose does not take precedent over a child’s right to live.

It is the government’s actual job to protect innocent human life.

That includes protecting innocent human life from people like you.

So you can call it the government interfering in your private life if you want to, but the real deal is, is that the government would be interfering with people like you denying an innocent human being the right to live.

Which is actually what they’re supposed to do.

But I understand. You don’t qualify a child in the womb as human.

Hitler had a habit of disqualifying certain people as human too.

Democrats who wanted to force legalizing slavery disqualified blacks as humans also.

You’re in the same boat.

Like these people calling themselves Clergy for Choice– holding an event called 40 days of prayer in support of abortion, and Planned Parent hood.

Whoa! Who are you guys praying to?

You might be praying to Baal or Dagon; false gods that people sacrificed their children to.

But I can tell you right now. It ain’t to God, the author of the Bible.

You’re fooling yourselves if you think you are.

You people calling yourselves the clergy for choice, are the modern version of Canaanites.

When people try to accuse God of being this angry monster who just liked to kill people for no reason, they over look the fact that the reason why God had these tribes wiped out is because these tribes were cultures that did detestable evils to each other in their idolatry, incest, pederasty, cannibalism, bestiality, and of course child sacrifice.

These are the people God had put to death.

But what about the women and children, Zo?

What kind of God would put them to death?

If you want an answer to that. Download a copy of my audiobook WEAPON OF A.S.S. DESTRUCTION. We get into all that!

Theses people calling themselves Clergy for Choice use their faith to pray for the death of children.

See, a person of real faith trusts God to pull that child through hard times.

But people like the C.O.C. or R.C.R.C. think they know better than God does, and believes that a child should be killed before being born into a hard life,
instead of allowing God to work in that child’s life and lead that child toward peace joy and prosperity.

You can’t be a Christian and support abortion. To do so is an admission that you do not trust God, and it is you assuming to appoint your judgeship over God.
Who else thought that he should be seated over God?
Oh yeah, Lucifer.