The Democratic National Convention is blowing into town in North Carolina, ready to take the stage and show America its moral outrage at the GOP.

Moral outrage?

There’s no shortage of irony and outright knee-slappers coming from the Left these days, but the DNC — with its entourage of deviants, criminals, layabouts, social dependents, communists and closet Nazis — making a show of religiosity is the peak of absurdity.

Having originally nixed an offer from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Democrats have agreed to let Dolan give the closing blessing for the convention. Dolan and King Obama don’t see eye-to-eye because of the Obamacare mandate that Catholic churches and organizations have to pay for coverage of abortions, sterilizations and contraceptives. Dolan has led a legal challenge against the mandate, but the DNC apparently agreed to book Dolan because he was already slated for the RNC.

Part of the impetus to include Dolan no doubt came from outrage over the DNC sponsoring a two-hour Muslim “Jumah” prayer event the Friday before the convention officially opened. Despite the Left-wing media’s trying to disassociate the Democrats from the event, which featured extremist leaders of the American Islamist separatist movement, the Jumah event was featured on the convention’s website.

Now that the “infidel” Dolan has been invited, what exactly will he be blessing?

Liberals like to pose as holders of the moral high ground, but it’s only a pose.

Proverb 31:8 instructs us to speak up for and defend the helpless and the poor. But the DNC platform calls for more government-funded abortions that kill the most helpless of human beings and do nothing to uplift the women who submit to the procedures or their families. The DNC also calls for more government welfare programs, which are a snare for entire generations of Americans who can’t escape government clutches once they are on those programs.

The Bible warns us repeatedly against the sins of adultery and sexual license, yet it’s precisely liberal encouragement of young people having sex at earlier and earlier ages that brings about the demand for abortions that keeps Planned Parenthood and the rest of the eugenics industry alive. It’s their efforts to encourage and recruit to the homosexual lifestyle that keeps the AIDS epidemic going and feeds the high teen suicide rate.

There is also the commandment against coveting your neighbor’s possessions, but coveting the wealth of those who are better off than you is the very centerpiece of King Obama’s campaign. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been coordinated by former Obama adviser Van Jones and Obama activist group ACORN to turn ordinary Americans against the “1 percent.”

All this is in addition to the economic and political high jinks and deceit that are standard fare for the Democratic leadership. Carbon credits, anyone? How about some union payoffs?

The Republicans admittedly are far from perfect, as all we humans are, but for the DNC to obtain the moral high ground, it would first have to dig its way out of the sewer it currently makes its home.

If Cardinal Dolan needs any help writing the blessing, he might start with praying for the souls of the DNC.