A 78-year old California woman says she was seriously assaulted by a police officer when she visited her granddaughters’ middle school with cupcakes.

Mary Poole says she was just dropping off some treats for her granddaughters:

For several years, she was the guardian of her son’s daughters, but a custody dispute between their parents left her unable to see the girls.

“I hadn’t seen my granddaughters for some time and I wanted to see them, and so I baked some cupcakes and bought some cookies for my granddaughters’ classroom,” Mary said.

But when she got to their classroom, she was confronted by a Clovis Unified police officer (yes, the school district has a police force). He allegedly told Mary she had to leave the school because she had restraining order against her.

In reality, there was no restraining order in place, but she says she cooperated and left the school’s campus anyway, getting in her car, and pulling over on the street in front of the school.

oole says she was on the phone with her son, explaining what happened, when the officer became confrontational.

“And I was very frightened, and I told him to call the police and he said, ‘I am the police,’” Poole said.

“He wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say, period,” said Poole. “Every time I tried telling him anything…I mean, I was even telling him, ‘I’m 78 years old,’ before he grabbed me. He sprayed me with mace twice.”

From there, the elderly woman claims the officer got physical.

“He jerked me out of my car with my left arm with such great force, and then threw me onto the pavement. From there he dragged me by my left arm up to the school grounds,” said Poole.

The report observes that Mary Poole is less than 5 feet tall and about 110 pounds. So she was clearly an imminent threat to the officer’s safety.

She was taken to the hospital with broken bones, a dislocated shoulder, and over $180,000 in medical bills.

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