Well, folks … another iconic American institution bites the dust.
Another episode of the few controlling the many.
No matter which side of the argument one is on, here’s an irrefutable fact: The Boy Scouts of America has lifted its ban on openly gay scouts, and that means the Boy Scouts of America is finished.

This is the beginning of its end. Done. Kaput. Over and out. Not only do most parents send their kids to scouting early on BECAUSE OF their Judeo-Christian values, but most troops benefit from the generosity of traditional Christian groups for financial support as well as places to meet to hold Scout activities. Those support groups are now alienated, and the BSA will lose so much support, so fast, it will be rendered a has-been organization in the very near future.

And, of course, the BSA is saying that the ban on gay adult scout leaders still stands, but c’mon … who are we kidding here … that’s not going to hold for too long. Having pushed their way into destroying an American institution, homosexual-rights groups have already said the proposed policy change doesn’t go far enough, because a gay scout must quit the organization when he turns 18.
And, let’s face it, you just know they’ll be militant LGBT watch dog groups standing by ready to sue at the slightest verbal offense taken by a gay scout. Boys won’t be able to be boys anymore.

I’m sick and tired of the gay rights movement trying to force their values on the American people and organizations, and of the continued progressive march ‘forward’ to tear down anything that smacks of traditional morals and demonize those who disagree with their lifestyle.

I’m sick and tired of how the LGBT community demands that they be accepted by millions of Americans who don’t agree with them, and who in large numbers are repulsed by them. They’re never, EVER going to change or regulate the acceptance of their lifestyle by those who vehemently oppose it and who have the right to raise THEIR children with THEIR morals and values and religious beliefs, and NOT have anyone else’s fostered upon THEIR kids.

Refusing to push homosexuality into our children’s lives isn’t discrimination. Telling someone with whom I don’t agree NOT to push an agenda on MY kids, is not discrimination. People need to get a dictionary and look up the definition of that word. The REAL people being discriminated against are Christians (and I am not Christian) who only want to remain true to their faith without celebrating something with which they do not agree. You do not need to CELEBRATE homosexuality in order to TOLERATE homosexuality. There is a clear and distinct line between the two … and a private organization being badgered and pummeled by activists in order to force them to change their PRIVATE organization to meet the needs of a statistical anomaly is true discrimination!

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