Posted by Tami Jackson

As soon as I heard that former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill was doing a special with Peter Doocy, “The Man Who Shot bin Laden,” I emailed my friend, Chris Sajnog for comment.

Chris is a former Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer and Sniper Instructor.

He was hand selected to develop the curriculum for the US Navy SEAL Sniper training program and was a Navy SEAL senior sniper instructor, certified Master Training Specialist (MTS), BUD/ S and advanced training marksmanship instructor.

Currently a DOD and DHS certified Counter-Terrorism and Advanced Marksmanship Instructor at Center Mass Group and has trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement and multiple foreign allies in all aspects of combat weapons handling, marksmanship and tactics.

Sajnog is the author of the best-selling (and interactive with video) book, How to Shoot Like a Navy Seal.

I queried, “Chris, what do you think about a SEAL talking in detail about an operation?”

His immediate response:

It took everyone on that team and more to shoot him. 

Who pulled the trigger is meaningless. 

Who talks about it is worthless.

These public conversations are putting my brothers lives at risk. 

Since then, Chris has had time to write up his thoughts in more detail and, believe me, they’re worth reading.

Chris writes:

Last night I had the opportunity to share my personal thoughts with Megyn Kelly on Fox News about Rob Oneill’s “coming out” party that he was the SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden.

The interview ended before I was able to respond to a few of the points made by the former SEAL who was on the show with me. He has profited greatly from his books and appearances describing in detail the classified operations he was on, while attached to a unit that officially does not exist.

If you haven’t seen the segment, check it out and then read my thoughts below:

His main points that I did not get a chance to reply to were:

  1. The administration put out the information first.
  2. The information being revealed can already be found online.
  3. Our Admiral did not send the same threatening letter to the President and Vice President of the United States of America as he did to current and former members of the NSW community.
  4. We need to support our brothers.

“The administration put out the information first.”

I don’t support this administration or their illegal actions of disclosing details of classified operations…

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