Judge Boasberg wrote, “even under the current limitation, District residents can still accumulate up to 12 new pistols each year. That is more than enough.” Well isn’t that special!
Check it out:

A federal judge on Thursday upheld a D.C. law requiring that guns be registered every three years, that applicants submit photographs and fingerprints, and that pistol purchases be limited to one per month — a ruling that sparked outrage from activists who view it as further encroachment on Second Amendment rights.

U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg dismissed with prejudice a sweeping challenge to the District’s handgun laws, meaning the claims cannot be raised again. The 62-page ruling opened with the words “The District of Columbia knows gun violence” before recounting some of the most notorious recent D.C. shootings.

“The District of Columbia knows gun violence. Notorious for a time as the ‘murder capital’ of the United States, it recorded over 400 homicides annually in the early 1990s — more than one for every 1500 residents. While safety in the District has improved markedly in this millennium, residents will not soon forget the violence of the more recent past: the wounding of seven children outside the National Zoo on Easter Monday in 2000, the triple murder at Colonel Brooks’ Tavern in 2003, the five killed in the South Capitol Street shootings in 2010, and the twelve shot to death inside the Washington Navy Yard only a few months ago. These number just a few of the lives lost to guns in our city’s recent memory.”
— Judge James E. Boasberg

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