The state uses its own security failure to implement more security measures that curtail freedom and don’t make us safer.

According to the Daily Mail, a major security failure may have contributed to the London terrorist attack.

Police were facing serious questions last night over how the knife-wielding terrorist was able to enter the Parliamentary estate.

There were unverified claims that no armed officers had been on duty at the main Carriage Gates, facing Parliament Square, which the Prime Minister uses to enter the House of Commons.

They are also used by other MPs, staff and visitors. At least four staff are usually stationed at the gates, two outside and two inside.

The entrance is also blocked by metal barricades and barriers. Although armed guards routinely patrol the grounds, they are not stationed permanently at a fixed position at the main gate. It is understood the officers work a ‘fluid’ patrol pattern so potential terrorists do not know where they are located.

Labour MP Mary Creagh urged the authorities to step up security following the atrocity.

‘The one weak spot on our estate is those Carriage Gates,’ she said. ‘We have four police officers there. Two on the gate going in, two on the gate going out. We see them every day, we’re friends with lots of them.

‘I think we will need to look at security at the Palace in the wake of this incident but this is a plan for another day. It’s a terrible, terrible day for Parliament.’

Will we be permitted to verify whether there was a security failure due to human error or neglect?

From what has happened in the United States, at least since 9/11, is this:

  1. The government massively fails in its duty to protect Americans.
  2. The people who had “responsibility” delegated to them to guard security are never blamed for the security failure, and are even sometimes promoted.
  3. The government investigates itself and determines the real problem is that it does not have enough money and power.
  4. New alleged “security measures” are implemented that cost a lot and oppress the American people.
  5. Repeat.

A relatively small example of this cycle was when TSA ineptitude in airport security led to them being given new direction to more invasively grope passengers.

I doubt the system works any differently in the United Kingdom. A recent example of how police fail to protect disarmed citizens indicates they have the same problems we do.

So, if this follows the pattern, the state will come up with new security procedures that don’t violate any of its values. In England, that means that the government will never even consider allowing people to possess firearms so they can protect themselves. It is more likely it will criminalize knife possession. Also, it probably won’t rethink its immigration policies.

Now that Brexit has passed, I’m slightly more optimistic that there might be a change in immigration policy. But I suspect the major focus in response to this security failure will be to refuse to hold anyone responsible and to come up with some new form of security theater.