Remember “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil“? They used to be represented by three monkeys. I don’t think you can say that now, because it would be interpreted as racist by the politically correct crowd. Let’s just say they were represented by three characters. Those three traits are well represented in government today. And that is not a good thing. The Benghazi cover-up is the latest example that proves the point.

We have a President who represents “see no evil“. First the story was that a mob that erupted over a dumb movie trailer about Islam. He was so sure of this that he sent the Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, out on the Sunday morning talking heads circuit, fully armed with White House talking points, to sell this fabrication. It didn’t sell well when it was pointed out that this supposed flash mob had RPGs and AK-47s. The administration insisted it had to be a mob because Obama had defeated Al Qaeda. But mobs seldom sustain an attack for twelve hours. Usually mobs will get tired and hungry at some point and disperse even if authorities don’t show up to disperse them.

For seven weeks this story was put out by the administration, hoping that eventually the public would forget about it. The press helped by walking away from, what may turn out to be, the biggest story of the Obama administration. An attack on American territory with Americans, including the Ambassador, being killed with no attempt to save them is a huge story. For the press to walk away from that is malfeasance.

Then we have “hear no evil” as Hillary Clinton. She has an Ambassador, responsible directly to her, in harms way, begging for more security. He was refused. Worse than being refused they actually cut back on the security that he did have. It is my understanding, I have yet to have someone tell me that I’m wrong, that only the Secretary of State or the President can deny an Ambassador’s request for security. For moths Hillary insisted she was never aware of any request. If this is true, please explain to me the dispatches that she signed where Ambassador Stevens asked for help. What was she doing when her people were under attack? There were two drones overhead supplying video feeds. Was she watching? If not, why not? When being questioned about this at a congressional hearing she made the coldest harshest statement that I have ever heard by a public figure. “What does it matter at this time?” Madame ex-Secretary, it matters a lot. Good American heroes died.

Finally, the “speak no evil” award goes to Jay Carney. The man who will justify anything for the administration and most recently stated, “that was a long time ago”. Yes, forget about it. That’s old news. It’s all the Republicans politicizing things just to embarrass our royal President. No Jay it is about what the administration does in our name. Americans died that shouldn’t have and needn’t have. This was brought about by incompetence. Whether accidental or willful we may never know.

As time goes on more and more is coming to light as government cover-ups almost always do. The people that wanted to come forward and tell what they know had their futures threatened. Now, at least three of them will testify. The truth is coming out as those threats are being made public and these people are getting attorneys to protect them. It amazes me that the Boston terrorist was given an attorney by the Justice Department in two days, while honest Americans weren’t able to get permission to talk to their attorneys in two weeks or more. I think we can all read the handwriting on the wall here. Just a little more corruption oozing down Pennsylvania Avenue.