Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was elected to the Senate in 2010 and sworn into office on January 3, 2011. On January 3, 2015, he became the Chairperson of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Why is he just now asking about how an illegal alien was allowed back in the US? Shouldn’t he have been asking that question for the past 6 years? Why now?

The illegal he is asking about is 18-year-old Henry E. Sanchez-Milian, an illegal from Guatemala who along with Jose O. Montano, a 17-year-old illegal from El Salvador, have been accused of raping and sodomizing a 14-year-old girl at a Maryland high school.

According to one report:

“On March 16, 2017, a tragic event occurred in Montgomery County, Maryland. According to news reports, a 14-year old student was dragged into a high school restroom and raped by two teenage boys,” Johnson wrote in a March 22 letter to Thomas Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “At a hearing March 22, Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, testified if Border Patrol had properly done its job, neither Sanchez-Milian or Montano would have been present in this country to commit this heinous act.”

Milian had been detained at the border in Texas last August, but somehow made his way on to Maryland. Montano was also detained by Border Patrol and was issued an order to appear before an immigration judge, however, there has been no date set yet for that hearing, allowing Montano to roam free.

The reason Johnson is raising the issue now is that he is wanting to know if the two illegals were covered under or allowed to remain in the US due to Barack Obama’s Unaccompanied Minor Program. The program allowed tens of thousands of minors allegedly fleeing the violence and conditions in their home countries, to remain in the US. However, it was learned during the program, that many families were sending their kids north to America not to flee the violence, but in hopes of giving them a better life living off of US taxpayers.

Johnson’s actions follow the testimony given by Brandon Judd, where he stated:

“Had we done our job, that 14-year-old girl would have never been raped. Period. Had we held those individuals in custody, or that one individual in custody pending a determination that this person should be allowed to remain in this country, that rape would not have happened. We failed the citizens of this great nation by not securing the border.”

But why weren’t Republican politicians in Washington DC asking these questions before? Why did they have to wait until that 14-year-old Maryland girl’s life was ruined for life?

Shouldn’t they have been asking this question about all illegals, not just unaccompanied minors, years ago?

I don’t recall Johnson or any other Republicans asking the same questions after 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle died in her father’s arms on a San Francisco pier after being shot by an illegal alien allowed to remain in the US because of a sanctuary city.

I don’t recall Johnson or any other Republicans asking the same question when 64-year-old Marilyn Pharis was raped and murdered by two illegals in 2015. Republicans controlled the House back then, but no one was asking why?

I don’t recall Johnson or any other Republicans asking the same question after Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, an illegal alien ran over and killed 6-year-old Anna Dieter Eckerdt and 11-year-old Abigail Robinson. Not only did the illegal run over and kill the two young girls but she kept driving. After she was caught, she was charged with two felony counts of hit and run. After the parents pleaded with the judge, Cisneros was not given any jail time. She was however detained for deportation, but an immigration judge dismissed her case and set her free to drive and kill again.

How many American victims has it taken for someone like Johnson to finally start demanding answers? How many more Americans will become victims at the hands of illegal aliens before liberals and Democrats realize the danger they pose?