…Who posed as the “new, conservative Republican Senate.”  Oh,
such a betrayal!  When the Democrat machine controlled virtually
all of Washington, DC, Republicans sent amendment after amendment
to be considered by the Democrat majority in hopes of, at least
consideration, but were laid waste by Pelosi and Reid, they
complained of being strangled.  Now that they have the upper
hand, so to speak, they are giving Obama all that he asks for,
plus.  Even in the most critical areas of judgeship, they can’t
seem to see the importance of approving new judges who are
unbiased, unlike Kagan, Ginsburg and Sotomayor.  With Flake,
Hatch and Graham on the Judiciary Committee, the decision is
signaled with such clarity as to know the outcome beforehand.

Loretta Lynch is just another of a continuing line of Obama
henchmen and will, in all likelihood, perform to his liking,
disregarding the Constitution.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.  Looking at
the cadre surrounding him in his entire cabinet, one should long
ago have seen reality through the haze.  This apparently hasn’t
happened even to many in the new Republican majority in both
houses.  They haven’t held their ground with intelligence since
taking the helm; steering us right up Obama’s destructive
predetermined black alley.  The Committee voted to forward her
appointment as the new Attorney General by a vote of 12 to 8 –
with Flake, Hatch and Graham breaking with the other Republicans
who voted against.  History is not one of their favorite
subjects.  They didn’t even seem to object that she sees eye to
eye with Obama’s egregious executive actions.

It’s difficult, really, legislating against a president, or any
other politician, for that matter, who is black – these days.
One strives to be “fair and balanced,” but race always gets in
the way.  To even hold a different opinion, is counted as racism.
How sad.  Unfortunately, this situation is exacerbated by the
media, which seems predisposed to judge everyone who disagrees
with the liberal, leftist position as a racist.  A judge is
supposed to be unbiased; so is the press.  In the “old days,” the
press was counted on to uncover corruption; these days it acts in
concert with it.  It has thoroughly failed in exposing the hidden
secrets in the Affordable Care Act – and glossed over the truth
exposed by those who did the damning examination.  And it goes
way beyond that in its collusion with liberalism, anti-family and
left-wing leanings.

Judgeships leading to the Supreme Court should be examined with a
fine-tooth comb.  Unfortunately, the Senate Judicial Committee
has apparently leaned to the “do no harm” mentality and once
again approved a position based on race.  To be against Lynch,
they must perceive that their action would be considered racist.
Of course it would!  Who else would think otherwise?  But they
are supposed to act on the merits of the candidate, not fear of
“doing the right thing.”  The fact that she thinks the same as
Obama should come as no surprise.  After all, who selected Kagan
and Sotomayor?  And for what reason?  Who are the Supremes that
constantly vote liberal, left, anti-constitutional?  One doesn’t
have to look far to realize that any candidate for the Supreme
Court comes through this channel and it’s time for those who
examine these prospects to do their due diligence as far as
education, experience, cases, writing, speaking, leanings, and
everything else that may one day lead to a lifetime position
sitting on a throne in the ivory tower.  After all, we are all
subject to their twist on the law.  And it may not be as our
founders envisioned.