The problem is who is paying for all this…..
Check it out:

Proponents of ObamaCare are celebrating the end of year one with reports of favorable results: More than 23 million people have coverage provided through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including 10 million who were previously uninsured and 10 million more covered through the Medicaid Expansion program. Fans of the ACA are quick to remind us that year-two enrollment has started off well with a functioning website; over 6 million consumers selecting a plan in the first six weeks; and premium rate increases on par with the employer-based market. So what’s not to like? Plenty, say ObamaCare opponents: a growing entitlement program costing $2 trillion over the next decade; $500 billion in new taxes; and regulations that threaten to depress labor growth. In addition, despite ACA premium subsidies, the high out-of-pocket costs of the marketplace plans make healthcare unaffordable for many Americans and still, after five years, the ACA continues to lag in public approval.

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