This week Obama stated that conservative lawmakers and Tea Party Patriots opposed to Obamacare believe it is worse than the laws that allowed slave owners to get a fugitive slave back.  Interesting how he is so quick to play the race card.  History tells us that Democrats supported and championed the fugitive slave act while Republican and Free Soil congressmen regularly fought and tried to repeal it.  This episode highlights another example of unfortunate bad decisions by Democrats being forced upon the American people.

The long list of unfortunate bad decisions by Democrats regularly penalizes the law abiding citizen and benefits those with no respect for others or the law.  Since the president played the race card let us not forget that it was the Democratic Party responsible for the 1857 Dred Scott Decision, a Supreme Court decision that stated slaves and their descendents were private property, they were not fully human and had no rights at all–therefore were not protected by the U.S. Constitution. Democrats also owned segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK.  The Republicans, just like now with healthcare, fought these bad ideas.   Interesting that the NRA came into being to allow blacks to be armed to protect themselves against the KKK.

Democrats are also the ones who forced gay marriage on the American people against their opposition and with no vote.  The Obama administration decided to refuse to enforce any laws that upheld a ban on perversion against natural law and force it on the American people by using the strategy if you can’t legislate it, regulate it or fight it in the courts.

Abortion on demand championed by Democrats brought us the Roe vs. Wade decision, which states that babies are property, not fully human and have no rights at all–therefore are not protected by the U.S Constitution.  Almost sounds like their rhetoric about slaves and segregation and they continue to champion abortion against the will of the voter today.

Another bad decision by Democrats is fixing illegal immigration by amnesty.  Illegal means that someone has broken the law, but Democrats want to allow those here illegally to step in line in front of those following the law.  Democrats pander to illegals to gain their allegiance. The people here illegally have already violated our immigration laws, so perhaps we should make them prove they will respect the rest of the laws before granting them anything.   If politicians, Democrat and Republican, are really serious about solving this problem, then enforce the current laws on the books and secure the borders.  Account for everyone who is here illegally and put them in line behind everyone already legally in the system.  Illegals should not be allowed to earn benefits or citizenship until all legal immigrants in the system have been processed.  Because they have broken the law penalize them by not being eligible to vote for at least 12 years, (two Senate cycles).

If it is truly about the well-being of illegal aliens, instead of just gaining their votes, politicians should have no problem with requiring them to earn their voting privilege. (If they honorably serve in the military for six years they earn the right to vote and become a citizen)  If the immigrants get in trouble with the law during the 12 year waiting period they are to not be granted citizenship and should be deported.  And why do Democrats always make it a Hispanic issue, are they racist? By the way, I am tired of having to “choose my language” and see the choices of English or Spanish.  Why aren’t  Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic or also options?  It’s probably because Asians come and take advantage of the opportunities to succeed legally and don’t complain.   Muslims the jury is still out.  Besides why do I have to choose a language at all? Why isn’t the default English and if that doesn’t work for you learn it?

The Democrats speak out against domestic spying, but have proven when Republicans are no longer in charge they can abuse the system and pass laws to spy on all of us beyond what the Republicans were ever accused of doing.  Then they try to make any senator, conservative lawmaker, or Tea Party Patriot fighting them, look unpatriotic.

The Democrats think it is a good idea to coddle terrorists by not prosecuting those who attacked our consulate in Benghazi, giving arms to Libyan and Syrian rebels with links to Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaida and endorsing the Arab Spring.  The last Republican president declared war on terrorism, and got the consent of the UN and congress, letting them know not to mess with us.

The Democrats are all about taking away your Second Amendment rights through gun control legislation even though they say they are not.  However, actions speak louder than words. With what Democrats have already done by executive fiat—illegally arming drug cartels, Libyan and Syrian gun running, and the recent signing on to the UN arms treaty—they’ve shown willingness to arm our enemies while trying to take our gun rights away.

So back to healthcare.  Ours is the best healthcare system in the world but needs some tuning up to improve it.  Unfortunately, those doing the tuning up are Democrat politicians with an agenda who know nothing about healthcare.  According to many doctors, tort reform, portable policies, and standardized insurance codes are three simple changes that could have been legislated in 25 pages or less and would lower costs and improve healthcare in the US.  Instead we got more than 2,700 pages of legislation with more than 10,000 pages of new regulations.  To date no one is sure what is in Obamacare, yet waivers and exemptions are flying off the shelf.  So like the long list of previous Democratic legislative failures the real issue is the poor legislation being forced on the American people against their will that needs to be stopped now!