On Wednesday, Obama flexed his tyrannical muscles, issuing 23 executive actions on gun control. With his vague, crowd pleasing statements washing over us – claiming support of the 2nd amendment, denying tyranny, blaming mental illness for these tragic shootings – he had even the most right-leaning conservatives saying, “Hm…I might agree with what he’s saying. I think I could support that…”

I asked Young Patriots Facebook fans what they thought about Obama’s 23 executive actions and Thomas Voss-Hollingsworth’s answer shocked me. He pointed out that 46.8% of adults experience some sort of mental condition, at some point. We all know that the only way to make sense of a shooting is to say that the shooter must have a mental illness. Mental illness is real and it is devastating…but, most people with mental conditions aren’t violent sociopaths. Most people with mental conditions are people who… cry a lot.

Have you taken antidepressants? I’m not sure if I know more than a handful of people who haven’t taken antidepressants. I’m not kidding. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 10 Americans, over the age of 12, take antidepressants.

With statistics like that, Obama won’t even need a “gun ban” to disarm the nation. All he’s got to do is trick us into agreeing that crazy people shouldn’t carry guns. As soon as we all start nodding our heads in unison, he’ll say, “Well, hand ’em over, because you’re all crazy, Suckas!”

Reading through Obama’s list of executive actions, I thought many of them were sound. I skimmed over the points that dealt with mental health and thought to myself, “Yes. Criminally insane psychopaths definitely shouldn’t be able to have guns.” But, his executive orders don’t use the phrase “criminally insane.” His orders contain language like, “mental health.” Vague.

Given Obama’s clear agenda, attempting to take guns from those with “mental health issues” means we’re in trouble because the qualifying factors of having “mental health issues” are so broad, that they will condemn us all.

Everyone and their mom has some kind of mental disorder. Mental illness is real, and its serious, but most conditions just don’t breed serial killers. My friend from college who battles social anxiety, takes a pill every day so that she’ll have enough gumption to talk to her coworkers without her hands sweating. She’s not a killer.

The Obama administration is wording everything in a way that goes down nice and easy. They know that housewives around the country were excited to see the President taking action against all these pill popping, gun waving psycho killers. “Whew,” they thought, “I can drop my kids off at daycare with peace of mind. He only wants to take the crazy peoples’ guns, not mine.” None of these housewives are thinking anything of the prescription pills in their kitchen cabinet.

Big government never works. It never has. Even if some of these executive actions sound good, Obama acting above Congress and taking executive action that does not deal solely with the executive branch of the government, is unconstitutional.

The Obama Administration has an agenda. They want to disarm us. And, we’re letting them. Big Brother knows about your Prozac and you’re about to get blackmailed.