My question to you is does the current political situation we find ourselves in set the stage for a Third Party?

I don’t know what has happened just yet with John Boehner and the Speaker of the House vote, but I do know that Boehner is now the prevailing country-club Republican who stands for nothing. And that’s what conservatives have been getting out of the GOP majority House of Representatives since 2010: Nothing.

I’m disgusted with the fact that Barack Obama was actually elected. Twice?

It wasn’t enough when he told me to my face and the world that he was going to spread the wealth around – we just had to see it for ourselves? Twice? When it comes to 2016 I know what I’m looking for and it’s not necessarity a Third Party.

I’d rather have a conservative Republican nominee like Reagan to just landslide their butts like we did in 2010 and 2014 and my solution is to find a guy and stick with him. What I mean by that is we need to get a candidate who not only reflects our values – but can win. Then no one will need a Third Party.. yet. But how?

What it comes down to is “what do I like about him?”

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