By Sharpton’s logic (if that is the correct term), out-of-work non-black fathers should abandon their children at the same rate as black unemployed fathers. But according to a Pew poll, black fathers are more than twice as likely as white fathers to live apart from their children (44% vs. 21%). Hispanics fall in between at 35%.

We aggressively — the National Action Network and the civil rights community — supported a jobs bill, support infrastructure development. Because when we go and challenge men in our community to say, ‘You’ve got to stand up and you’ve got to be responsible’ — they need jobs. They need training.

So at [sic] one hand, we can’t expand the public sector for jobs. At another hand, they say, well, we’re being harassed and treated differently by law enforcement. So we’ve got to strike a balance that is not in our power to do, which is why we’re going at the Congress to make that possible.

You can’t kill a jobs bill and infrastructure and then tell men to take care of their families. You can’t have it both ways.

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