Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) brought up the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and Newtown massacre in order to make a point about “Americans in need” who need the country to help them and will be hurt by Speaker Boehner’s “Plan B” because it will cause cuts to things like “nutrition plans” and “food stamps.”

“Mr. Speaker, when I mention the words Hurricane Sandy and the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, many would wonder what do they have in common? Enormous gun tragedy of the loss of 26 lives, and Americans suffering from a devastating storm. Certainly our hearts go out for those babies that were lost.

But it really speaks to is Americans in need. And I guess that’s why I’m so troubled to be on the floor today. Because the framework that we have says to America that when you are in need – we will not, as this congress and as this government, be prepared to help you.

I think what is disappointing and I know for the Speaker it is probably the same case as I’m speaking because just about three days ago we thought there was a deal between the White House and the framework that was offered and the leadership of this house. It’s disappointing that in the course of a couple of days we’ve come to a situation where this plan, “Plan B” raises only about 300 billion from high income households and the centers for budget priorities suggest that millionaires will get 108 thousand five thousand dollars per million over a million dollars in tax cuts, but what will the middle class get?

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