The Constitutional requirements to serve as President of the United States don’t really amount to much. There are only three: age, citizenship, and residency. Prospective presidents must be 35 years old, natural born U.S. citizens, and U.S. residents for a minimum of 14 years (U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1). These are the Constitutional requirements, but I would like to suggest one more requirement those who wish to be president should meet: they should love our country.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not proposing a Constitutional amendment requiring presidential candidates to demonstrate their love of country, but I do think that when we choose a president love of country should be a high priority. In fact, someone who does not love America should not serve as president. To understand why, consider the analogy of fathers. A father should love his children and family. Bad things happen if he doesn’t. Think of all the problems in contemporary American society that would simply go away if fathers loved their children and families above all else. Fathers who love their children and families nurture them, provide for them, care for them, and sacrifice for them. They are willing to put everything on the line and even make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary to protect and defend their families.
This is the kind of love our presidents need to have for America. Some have had it and some have not. Just as bad things happen to children and families when fathers do not love them enough to put their best interests ahead of their personal agendas, bad things happen to our country when the president does not love America enough to put its best interests ahead of his personal agenda. With this background, the functional question becomes: Do you think Barack Obama loves America or even likes America? Before answering this simple question, consider a few others. Do you think Barack Obama gets goose bumps when our National Anthem is played? Does Barack Obama tear up at military funerals when Taps is played? Has Barack Obama ever given an uplifting, encouraging, reassuring speech about American exceptionalism? Has Barack Obama ever looked straight into the camera and said: “I love America and this is why”? Unless I am missing something, the answer to all of these questions is the same: NO.
Judging by his actions, words, and behavior, Barack Obama does not love or even like America. I cannot remember even once hearing the president say anything that would indicate or even imply that he loves our country. In fact, his words and actions seem to indicate just the opposite. President Obama has made a point at every opportunity of portraying America as a nation that owes the world one big collective apology. On the global stage, he seems determined to portray our country in the worst possible light.
I cannot state with authority whether Barack Obama does or does not get goose bumps when our National Anthem is played, but I can state that he appears uncomfortable throughout the Anthem. Standing at attention with his hand over his heart during our National Anthem appears to be something the president endures rather than something that swells his chest with pride. People who get goose bumps when our National Anthem is played do so because each note of music strikes a profoundly emotional chord deep within them; a response that can be explained only by their love of country.
Those of us who experience a special thrill when our National Anthem is played have some things in common that Barack Obama is missing. As children, we were bounced on the knees of adults who told us of their love for our country, about its heroes, and how the lives of their immigrant parents or grandparents were improved by coming to America. Many of the adults who helped engrain a love of country deep in our souls had sacrificed greatly in World War II or Korea for the freedom and opportunity afforded us. The process continues today except the wars that demanded such sacrifices were Viet Nam, the Gulf Wars, and Afghanistan. Barack Obama’s dad was not around to tell him such stories. Further, he would not have said anything good about America if he had been around. The president’s father as well as his other significant mentors hated America and everything it stands for. So do many of the people who advised him as a community organizer, then U.S. Senator, and still advise him as president.
His background probably explains why he rarely attends military funerals much less tearing up at them. Further, his attitude toward the military has been distinctly condescending, occasionally disrespectful, and even antagonistic. President Obama will occasionally say a few good words about an individual military member, but observe his actions not his words. Since the day he first stepped foot in the Oval Office, President Obama has viewed the military budget as his favorite target for cuts. His gaffes concerning the military are legion. Who can forget his calling a Navy corpsman a “corpse man.” He has apologized to the world repeatedly for America’s supposed shortcomings, but he has never apologized to the U.S. military for not caring enough to learn even the most basic military terms.
I won’t even go into the question of Barack Obama’s attitude concerning American exceptionalism. He has made it quite clear over and over that in his mind America is exceptional only in its flaws, supposed flaws he feels compelled to acknowledge publically and apologize for on the international stage. I see nothing in our president to suggest he loves or even likes America and his attitude is having the same effect on our country that an uncaring father has on the family he does not love.