Our friends at Heritage have done some more insightful research into all the pork that is in Harry Reid’s spending bill.  Here are some examples: $18 million in spending for charities named after Senator Ted Kennedy.  There’s also a Kennedy Education Center totally funded by this bill, in the billions, I think ten billion.  Three and a half million dollars in research in Louisiana,  two and a half million dollars for a new runway in North Dakota, $300,000 for swine waste management.  There’s a bunch of these little $300,000, $500,000, $800,000 projects.  They add up easily to eight to ten billion dollars in earmarks. Actually, 10% of the bill is earmarks.  Ten percent of the spending bill is earmarks.  

As I’ve said, you just don’t write a 2,000-page bill in a week’s time.  This has been long in development. Talk about strategic thinking.  Now, here’s the key, folks.  If the Senate does not adopt it by Saturday night… This is why the getaway day was Friday.  Reid dumps this yesterday.  If the Senate doesn’t adopt this by Saturday night, the government supposedly shuts down due to lack of funding.  So people have been asking me in e-mail, “How can we stop it? How can we stop it?”  We call their bluff!  We shut it down!  We won the election.  We shut it down.  Folks, I don’t care.  “But, Rush! But, Rush! With the media and the Democrats we’ll get blamed for it!” I don’t care.  We won’t be held accountable ’til November of 2012.

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